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The word “cargo” is used with the meaning of “freight, haul” as lexical meaning. When this meaning is taken as a basis, Cargo transport can be defined as the activities related to delivery of any freight from a place to another place. In the international literature, the term “cargo transport” is used as transport of any freight regardless of its weight, dimensions and content; however, in our country freights with weights under a certain weight are called “cargo”. On the other hand, the activity being called cargo transport in our country is called “parcel delivery” in the international literature in terms of its content. In other words, parcel delivery services constituting a sub-section of cargo transport services in the literature, is called Cargo transport services by the operators (Cargo transport firms) in our country.

This word "courier represents the whole process of receiving and delivering to consignee the valuable/invaluable documents not related to communication, or unmonopolized gift goods and samples in small dimensions with a weight and volume can be transported by a person on foot or by a motorcycle. However, it covers the transport of all kinds of printed documents and packages, transportation of which is legally banned in the implementation in the market.

Cargo firms generally desire to transport “a piece of object such as a large parcel, case or packet” which has a weight and/or volume cannot be transported by a person on foot or by a motorcycle; while courier firms generally desire to transport numerous parcels and packets with small dimension and weight, within the boundaries of the city, on foot or by a motorcycle. Similarly, Cargo firms desire international or inter-city transport, while courier firms generally desire to inner-city transportation.



IMPORTANT: Please read carefully

a) All goods were personally packed by me and have been in my constant possession since packing.

b) No goods have been added to the consignment by any other person, nor are any goods being carried on behalf of any other person.

c) I have declared all ELECTRICAL ITEMS on the packing list.

d) My consignment contains personal effects only and NO goods hazardous nature, nor any explosives, corrosives, or firearms of any description.

e) I have read and understood the Conditions of Carriage and the list of hazardous goods displayed on the premises.

f) I have/have not witnessed the security screening and sealing of my baggage.

g) I am aware that any false statement may render me liable to prosecution under the terms of the Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990.

h) I hereby declare that the above information is true and correct. I/We confirm that we have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions with regards to the shipment of my/our effects.

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