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Niamh Kare || Southern Ireland
The guys at Himalayan Quest are really helpful even when you are making last minute plans. Friendly, reliable and fair prices you get what you pay for and excellent coffee too.
Sanderien || Netherland
I have been here for two days and I am staying in a hotel in Thamel. I was in Nepal in 1995 for two months, and this time I am here for the second time, only one week. My first impression of Kathmandu, after 1 day: very many tourists, even more than before, very great outdoor shops with wonderfull stock. Too much traffic, and lots of friendly people.

All the best!
Pepita and Marie || SPAIN
We think the place, the people..... everything is amazing. Mainly, our driver was amazing person !! We love Nepal. We think come back here for more days.
-Pepita and Marie from Spain, 28.09.2011
It is really nice place to visit, there is gorgeous views, lovely people and amazing, surprising little corners where you can relax and forget you are in the earth.
Good regardfrom this country.
Raquel Rooba, 28.09.2011
Smith Jonshon || London, Uk
Wounderfull country and very sunny days over there however bit boring due to a unannounced strike.
Richard || Canada
I have been in Nepal last month. Thank you guys for your excellent services, pretty happy.
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